Looking for something specific to work on during your next trip to the range?  We regularly feature drills to build different shooting skills.  

This drill is designed to help you improve your transitions.  Lead with your eyes between targets to speed up your transitions.  You can use paper targets and steel or all steel, dealer’s choice.

Record videos of your drill performance and be sure to share them with us on our Facebook or Instagram pages! 


Bill Drill

This 6 round drill focuses on recoil management, and sight tracking.  You will want to focus on your grip and sending the next shot as soon as your sights return.  At start, draw and fire 6 shots in rapid succession from about 7 yards.  You’d like to see all 6 shots reasonably close to each other.  Start with a baseline time and see how low you can work your time down without sacrificing accuracy.


This 4 round drill will help you build muscle memory and improve your reloading capabilities.   Start with 2 rounds in your magazine, draw and fire two rounds at the target approximately 7 yards away then reload and fire 2 more rounds at the same target.  Your focus should be on firing 4 accurate shots and accomplishing a smooth reload.  Start by being fluid, establish a baseline time, then see how low you can work your time down without sacrificing accuracy or fumbling your reload.


This 3 round drill focuses on accuracy and gives you the opportunity to test speed.  Using a standard IDPA or USPSA cardboard target, draw and fire 2 accurate shots to the body and 1 to the head.  Focus on leading with your eyes after the second body shot is fired so your eyes start to the head zone.  You can set this drill up at any distance you’d like and increase the challenge by adding distance and trying to improve your overall time. 


Make the most of your range time by planning your drills and tracking your progress.  Click the image to the left to view and print our Drill Planner.  Use it during your next range trip to make the most of your range time and track your progress.

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