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Gun Range Near McKinney, TX

Mission 160 is a private gun range located near Whitewright, TX and just 20 minutes outside of McKinney.  We are currently accepting a limited amount of new memberships!

Our outdoor range features 13 pistol bays, each stocked with target stands and sticks, barrels, walls, and lots of steel targets.   Set up drills to practice drawing from concealment or practice for your next competition.  More of a recreational shooter?  Come out and plink away just for fun.  Bring your friends and family with our family membership option or join with an individual membership.

You can shoot any caliber handgun as well as pistol caliber carbine rifles and pistols and even shotguns.  We do not allow any rifle caliber ammunition to be fired at our range.  Please contact us today for more information about becoming a member!



We allow you to draw from either an outside the waistband or inside the waistband holster at our range.  Practice drawing from concealment or for competition.


If you’re tired of being told to “slow down” at the local indoor range, we allow rapid fire.  Practice your recoil management, double taps, or just shoot at your own pace.


We have a large number of steel targets for your use including several reactive targets like a dueling tree, plate rack, and even a Texas Star!


While rifle calibers are not permitted at the range, we do allow pistol caliber carbines to be fired in our bays.  


Our members don’t have to load up steel target stands to set up targets on our range, we’ve got plenty.  Theyr’e always out and availalbe for your use. 


Mission 160 is a private, membership only, range and is available to our members every day of the week from 8am – sunset.


We have a large number of steel targets for your use including several reactive targets like a dueling tree, plate rack, and even a Texas Star!


Located just 20 minutes from McKinney off Highway 160 in Whitewright, TX.  Quick, easy access from almost anywhere in the Metroplex! 

Join today! 

Please select the membership package you’d like, Individual or Family, and if you’d like to purchase an annual package or pay monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Shoot Rifles?

We do not allow rifles to be fired at our range, with one exception; we allow Pistol Caliber Carbines to be fired in our bays. 

What are your hours?

You can reserve bays at shoot at the range between the hours of 8am - sunset, daily.

How May Guests Can I Bring?

If you have an Individual Membership, you cannot bring guests.  If you have a Friends & Family membership, you are allowed to bring up to 2 guests per visit.

When Was Mission 160 First Opened?

Mission 160 was founded in Whitewright, TX in 2012. 

What is the general availibity of the Bays?

We have a limited membership and plan to maintain membership at a level that allows our members to have ready access to our bays without a wait.  We use a software app for you to reserve a bay before visiting so you know you will always have a bay.

Can I shoot at night?


Are there always bays available?

Our members use a mobile applicaction to reserve bays so you will see availabilty before making the trip to the range.  On days when we are hosting matches, bay availability may be limited.  Please contact us for more information.

Safety  Overview

Every member must watch the safety orientation video after joining the range and we suggest sharing the video with any guests you bring if you have a friends and family membership.

We are a private facility.  If you would like to tour the range please call or text 972-978-1103 or use the contact form below.

Range Address:

6040 Highway 160 Whitewright, TX 75491

Call or text: 972.978.1103

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