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Mission 160 has hosted some of the best firearms instructors from the tactical world as well as competitive shooting champions.  We rent space to firearms instructors to host their classes on a daily or several day basis.  Our range has everything you need to produce a top-level class including target stands, walls, steel targets, vehicles, and much more.  Located in North Texas we are less than an hour from DFW and Dallas Love Field airports, 45 minutes from Dallas, and a short drive from neighboring states like Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana, giving Mission 160 close proximity to a large number of shooters looking to take your classes.  We have 13 pistol bays to accomodate a variety of handgun and PCC instruction.

Mission 160 hosts weekly competitive shooting matches and several major matches each year in IDPA and USPSA.  We have a large number of competitive shooters who come from all around to shoot these matches and take classes from world-class instructors.  JJ Racaza, Ben Stoeger, Steve Anderson, Kita Busse, Max Leograndis, and many more have enjoyed hosting classes at Mission 160 and we’d love to host your class next!


Interested Instructors

Please contact Kevin directly at
972-978-1103 by text or phone for availability and pricing information.



We have a variety of walls, barrels, and even a car or two for your use.  You can set up various courses of fire in bays ranging in depth from 20 yards to 45 yards. 


We have an indoor training space for your presentation portion and plenty of range space for the qualifiying portion.  Use both and put on a great Texas License To Carry class.


Teach compeitive shooting?  We’ve got everything you need to put on an outstanding class here at Mission 160.  A variety of walls, target stands, poppers, and even a Texas star are all available for your classes. 

We are a private facility.  If you would like to tour the range please call or text 972-978-1103 or use the contact form below.

Range Address:

6040 Highway 160 Whitewright, TX 75491

Call or text: 972.978.1103

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