A foundational course for IDPA shooters. The class will be led by the reigning IDPA World Champion Kevin Harding.  In this class you will learn some solid fundamental concepts that will help you improve your IDPA game.  This class can help an IDPA shooter of any level, but focuses on helping newer IDPA shooters create a solid foundation for success.

  • Improve Speed & Accuracy
  • Stage Evaluation & Planning
  • Movement
  • Get Classified or Re-Classify

We will also hold an IDPA Classifier at the end of the class so you can have an initial IDPA classification upon completion.  Or if you’re already classified you can choose to shoot the classifier to update your classification as well.

IDPA Fundamentals Class


This class is scheduled for June 22nd from 8am – 1pm.  Each group class is limited to 12 participants.  After completing checkout, participants will receive an email with details about equipment and other class information within 7 days of the scheduled class.  Refunds are only available if the class is cancelled by M160.  If you are unable to attend you can receive a spot in a future class if you notify us at least 10 days prior to class date.

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