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pcc training

Interested in improving your capabilities with your pistol caliber carbine?  Beginner or advanced, we can help you improve your performance in competition or self-defense.  Click below to learn more.


A foundational course for beginners, new CHL license holders, or people looking to get reacquainted with their handgun.  You will learn the proper handgun fundamentals with an emphasis on marksmanship.

advanced Handgun

Want to challenge yourself and build your capability?  I’ve got the perfect class for you.  Nothing too crazy, no crawling under barbed wire in mud, but you will learn and be tested with drills that will build your capability and comfort level.


If you’d prefer to have private 1-on-1 classes, we offer them with a minimum of 2 hours at $75/hour.  We can help you become more comfortable, capable, and confident with your firearm in a personalized class tailored to your needs.  Please contact us using the form below and mention that you’re interested in a private lesson.  One of our instructors will reach out to you directly to schedule.


As a leader of my church safety team for the past several years, I have been involved with coordinating our team and planning responses should they become necessary.  With the unfortunate recent events at local churches, I felt compelled to help other churches in the region.  We are offering, at no cost, the use of our range to help you and your church safety team get the practice that will help you respond should it become necessary.  The range will have a dedicated bay reserved for you and your team to use for the development of your team’s ability to protect your church.  Please use the link below to register you and your team or contact us for more information. Each person attending must personally register through this link.

We are a private facility.  If you would like to tour the range please call or text 972-978-1103 or use the contact form below.

Range Address:

6040 Highway 160 Whitewright, TX 75491

Call or text: 972.978.1103

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